Get rid of unwanted hair!

Waxing at Sungate Beauty & Spa

Waxing - Body hair removal is nowadays a standard procedure for looking and feeling better, whether it is used by ladies or gentlemen. It allows you to enjoy velvety smooth skin for longer than with other methods, minimising the risk of irritation.

Warm wax alone or with suitably selected additives, applied to the skin with a spatula, not only carefully removes unwanted hair from selected areas of the body together with the follicles, but also prevents its rapid regrowth, while gently caring for the skin.

In our Salon, waxing is among the additional treatments we offer:

  • hand waxing,
  • chest waxing,
  • back waxing,
  • facial waxing - moustache/eyebrow waxing,
  • leg/calf waxing.
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Bikini - professional comfort for everyday life

Bikini is a very important part of our body, which is worth taking care of not only in summer, during the season when we wear swimwear. Properly fitted, it also allows us to maintain optimal intimate hygiene and well-being in every situation.

In our Salon we offer bikinis:

  • traditional bikinis,
  • french bikinis,
  • Brazilian bikini (deep).

A detailed offer regarding bikini and other types of waxing offered in our salon is presented next. We invite both ladies and gentlemen to take advantage of our waxing treatments.

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