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Treatments for men - empowering relaxation

treatments for gentlemenTreatments for men offered by modern beauty salons such as ours are, against all appearances, becoming increasingly popular among men, and this applies to different groups, regardless of their position or social status.
Once proper to the aristocracy and rulers, done in secret and criticised, today they are proving to be a normal, good way to regenerate and regain vitality after a tiring time at work and various duties.

It is gratifying that men who are aware of their body's needs are seeking respite in beauty salons, which are increasingly open to their individualised requirements and desires, which are just as important as those of women. Body care, which is the result of a greater awareness and lifestyle nowadays, helps to lead a better and healthier life.

Treatments for men at Sungate Estetic & SPA

Treatments for men at Sungate Estetic & SPA are prepared with all the care and attention to detail so that the men who benefit from them gain as much as possible - they can relax and rest freely, and at the same time take comprehensive and conscious care of the skin of their body and face using typically male cosmetics and fragrances.

The treatments for men on offer will revitalise the skin, moisturise it and cleanse it properly, which will certainly translate into a better sense of well-being, greater creativity and enhanced self-esteem on a daily basis. It will also give you the strength to face new challenges and stresses, which are often unavoidable nowadays.

How to take care of yourself? - Our treatments specially dedicated to men

The range of proprietary treatments offered to men by Sungate Estetic & SPA includes both spa and revitalising sessions using a specially dedicated men's fragrance line and tailored preparations for men's skin, which differ from those offered to ladies, if only because of the different pH.

In addition to typically relaxing treatments, we also offer other treatments for men - manicure/pedicure or a full range of offerings from the aesthetic medicine, effectively combating scars or the effects of ageing and effectively aiding weight loss.

We especially recommend to gentlemen the treatments of the best spa in Warsaw Sungate Estetic & SPA.

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