Therapeutic massages

Muscle aches? Tired after a week of stress? Healing massages will quickly bring you relief!

Therapeutic massage not necessarily in a physiotherapy practice

Full or partial therapeutic massages are a unique relief for tired muscles and joints after injuries, conditions.

Although it is accepted that therapeutic massages are prescribed by a doctor and performed by a massage therapist in a medical facility, this need not always be the case.

Its beneficial effects depend on the skill of the masseur, not the place where it is performed.

therapeutic massages

Therapeutic massage depending on the needs is performed:

  • over the entire body surface - the so-called total massage,
  • on individual parts - partial massage, for example: back massage, head massage, abdominal massage, leg massage or foot massage.

Therapeutic massage - only with a specialist such as from Sungate Beauty & SPA

Therapeutic massage is a massage that combines elements of stretching, which, through the skilful application of appropriate techniques, very quickly and effectively eliminates pain, improves joint mobility, eliminates scarring and releases trigger points.

It is appreciated by more and more ladies and gentlemen, not only those who have back problems due to a sedentary lifestyle. In order for a therapeutic massage to have the desired effect, it should only be performed by qualified specialists working in this type of technique, which you will find in our salon in Warsaw.

Sports massage - a special kind of assistance for the body

Sports massage is another much-needed aid for our bodies. It is performed with considerably more force and energy than a therapeutic massage, but is nevertheless an essential part of long-term sports training or post-injury rehabilitation. Regardless of whether you do sports competitively or recreationally - for example, on an active skiing or boarding holiday - the task of a sports massage is:

  • accelerating the absorption of lactic acid formed after prolonged exercise,
  • Warming up muscles and joints in preparation for a major workout, preventing micro-injuries.
  • In the case of rehabilitation, sports massage will help you return to full fitness more quickly.

The right home care programmes will help you maintain the effects of professional spa treatments for longer.

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