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One of the basic body care treatments is peeling, which visibly and immediately improves the appearance of the skin. By properly exfoliating the dead layer of the epidermis, it cleanses the skin and restores its normal colour, accelerating the skin's renewal process. When applying a suitably selected peeling to the treatment, we also perform a body massage, which has a beneficial effect not only on your well-being, but also increases cell metabolism and prepares the skin for subsequent stages, where the skin will absorb the preparation much more easily and quickly. We pay special attention to the knees, elbows and heels, as the skin there is much thicker and needs a little more attention.

What are the indications for a body scrub?

We recommend a peel for everyone when:

  • Your skin is grey, rough and lacking in radiance (smooths the skin leaving it silky smooth)
  • you want to sunbathe or tan in a solarium - we recommend doing this 2-3 days before your planned holiday so that your skin is not irritated
  • during anti-cellulite treatment (facilitates absorption of active preparations, improves circulation)
  • you notice signs of ageing on your skin (in which case it improves the skin's structure, stimulates its regeneration processes and oxygenates the tissues)
  • you are planning to epilate (it cleans the follicle orifices and facilitates more thorough epilation)
  • you are after depilation for 2-3 days (prevents ingrown hairs)


How many times should I do a body scrub ?

We recommend doing a body scrub once a week to maintain smooth and radiant skin.


When can I not do a body scrub? What are the contraindications?

The procedure cannot be performed if you have inflamed skin, a rash, irritation or if there is a breach in the continuity of the epidermis (cuts, abrasions). Also, peeling cannot be performed immediately before or after sunbathing or immediately after depilation.


What types of body scrubs are there?


  • mechanical peeling - contains abrasive particles of different thickness, which are applied to the body during massage
  • chemical peeling - a preparation dissolving dead epidermis


What scrubs can I have at SUNGATE Beauty & Spa?

We prepare all body scrubs immediately before the treatment using natural products.

Salt scrub

Ingredients: Dead Sea salt and oil: grape, argan

Action: mineral therapy, strengthening of the immune system, anti-cellulite, exfoliating


Sugar scrub

Ingredients: cane sugar and oil: grape, avocado

Action: purifying, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, particularly suitable for sensitive, vascular and mature skins.


Coffee peeling

Ingredients: Dead Sea salt, coffee, cardamom, cinnamon and oil: grape, argan

Effect: detoxifying, purifying, anti-cellulite, gently lacks skin


Coconut scrub

Ingredients: cane sugar, coconut and coconut oil

Action: brightens the skin, stimulates microcirculation, purifying


Herbal scrub

Ingredients: Dead Sea salt, rosemary and oils: jojoba, argan

Action: mineral therapy, strengthening of the immune system, brightening, oxygenation


Which body scrub is best for me?

During the consultation, we will individually select the right peel for your skin's needs.



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