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Relax after a difficult week

You deserve better than a rushed massage by a novice therapist in a place that makes you feel more stressed.

Facial care

Facial care is a very important part of health care, appearance and image regardless of age. That's why at our Salon we offer numerous facial treatments, from cleansing it through to comprehensive hydration, moisturisation and nourishment. We guarantee that our specialists match each treatment perfectly.

Body care

Relaxation and rest in the best will provide you and our ladies well-chosen by our experts, body treatment. Professional body care cleanses the body and afterwards, with special rituals and masks, clay or Dead Sea mud, nourishes and stimulates self-improvement, making them smooth and illuminated for a long time.

Find harmony in the heart of the city - Relaxation and Spa Warsaw



Massages from our offer are an ideal way to spend your free time and relax a bit. We offer them in the following forms - therapeutic massage, relaxing and oriental massage, as well as classic, lifting or slimming massage, not excluding reflexology. Our specialists will be happy to select treatments ideal for the body's needs for both ladies and gentlemen.

Treatments for ladies

The range of treatments for women in the current offer of our exclusive salon is ideally suited to the needs of the delicate female body and includes care, beautification and rejuvenation, as well as the latest advances in non-surgical aesthetic medicine to combat signs of ageing and slimming.

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A relaxing journey into the world of the senses - Spa Warsaw

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Treatments for gentlemen

Treatments for men from the wide range on offer at Warsaw's Sungate Beauty & SPA are a real treat for body-conscious men who care about their appearance, regardless of their age. Among the treatments specially dedicated to men, there are proposals for both body care and modern aesthetic medicine, or simply a specially tailored men's spa.

Treatments for couples, for two

Treatments for couples in our specially prepared Cabinet are a great way to spend leisure time together, which will certainly result not only in a deepening of mutual relations, but also in a great sense of well-being and creativity, thanks to which, regardless of age, even the grey everyday life will take on a unique colour.

Sungate Beauty&SPA Warsaw

Take care of your body and mind - Spa in the heart of Warsaw

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Additional treatments

We also offer body waxing and eyebrow henna.

Hydrogen purification HYDROFACIAL

The hydrogen purification treatment involves the introduction of microscopic particles of active hydrogen into the skin. These molecules perfectly cleanse the skin cells and neutralise free radicals on the surface of the skin, resulting in an effective anti-aging therapy.

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Oxygen infusion Demaoxy Centre

Oxygen infusion is a treatment that works on the principle of hyperbaric oxygen and a serum individually selected to meet the needs of the patient's skin. The application of pressurised oxygen is carried out using a special apparatus. The treatment is extremely effective, the effects can be observed after just one application, and is very often chosen by patients as a way to refresh and oxygenate the skin. 

Facial cosmetic treatments

At Sungate Beauty & Spa, we offer a wide range of beauty treatments to help address a variety of skin concerns. Our experienced cosmetologists provide comprehensive care, rejuvenating and nourishing your skin. Wrinkle reduction, acne treatment, skin hydration and nourishment are all available at our salon. Contact us to schedule a consultation and discover how we can help you regain a beautiful and healthy complexion.

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Spa packages and rituals

Spa packages and Spa Rituals have been prepared with you in mind . You will find combined and selected treatments for the face, body and massages. Exclusive products with the best ingredients such as masks, gels and scrubs will regenerate, refresh and smooth your skin. Mood, aromatherapy and Our staff will do their best and make you regain your confidence and gain vitality.

Laser treatments

The charcoal laser peel is essential in the fight against hyperpigmentation, acne, enlarged pores, bumps and scars and also against ,,red cheeks" by reducing cracked blood vessels. In addition, infrared light has a lifting and anti-aging effect that rejuvenates and thickens the skin.

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Sungate Beauty & SPA

is the place where we offer you a comprehensive service, consisting of the selection of facial and body treatments appropriate to your individual needs and preferences. Here, to the accompaniment of soft music, wrapped in the pleasant aroma of oriental scents and the warm glow of candles, you can escape from your everyday worries in an atmosphere of complete comfort.

Sungate Beauty & SPA allows you to concentrate solely on yourself, relax mentally and physically, gain vitality and even lose weight.

Our offer is a combination of relaxation, rest and care for body and soul. When you visit us, you can be sure that we will take care of you like no one before. The expert hands of our specialists will make you feel special and beautiful! We know that physical appearance is a guarantee of success in life, so we take care of all our clients

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