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We have prepared unusual treatments for you at sensational prices:)
The treatment offer is aimed at everyone! You can make a special gift to your mother, sister, husband, parents, grandparents 
or yourself !!!

Beauty, Health, Relaxation - Find it
At Sungate Beauty & Spa.

We invite you on a magical journey into a world of beauty and relaxation with our extraordinary Discount to -30%  for treatments at Sungate Beauty & Spa. Summer is the time to take care of yourself, relax and give your body and spirit a moment of relaxation and regeneration.

Whether you're craving a relaxing massage, a cleansing scrub or an intensive skincare treatment, the summer discounts at Sungate Beauty & Spa Warsaw Centrum allow you to enjoy our services at an even more affordable price. Our qualified staff will ensure that each treatment is tailored to your individual needs and expectations.

At Sungate Beauty & Spa Warsaw Centrum we understand that summer is a time when our skin and body need special attention. That's why we have prepared a special offer that will allow you to enjoy our unique beauty treatments, massages, couples' treatments and aesthetic medicine at an attractive discount.

Dates are limited, so book your place now and get ready for an unforgettable adventure into the world of relaxation and beauty. Our experienced team will take care of you in our unique spa, providing you with not only the best treatments, but also a moment of peace and relaxation during this magical season. Don't miss the opportunity for a special time for yourself and your loved ones!

Time to Rest and Regenerate - Start It Up
with our Spa Treatments

Relax the Body and Refresh the Spirit

Welcome a new chapter in taking care of your body with the Spa Ritual - Vitamin Bomb at Sungate Beauty & Spa. It's not just a treatment, it's a true ritual of regeneration that will bring harmony and freshness to your life.

The initial body scrub is like opening the door to renewal. The gentle particles of the Dead Sea salt scrub remove impurities, opening the pores of the skin to the benefits of a relaxing massage. This unique massage is not just a relaxing moment, but a deep therapy that helps reduce muscle tension, improves blood circulation and nourishes the skin.

Swim in a sea of benefits for body and soul at Sungate Beauty & Spa. After this ritual you will feel rejuvenated, relaxed and ready for new challenges. Give yourself a well-deserved rest and indulge in professional care at our spa.Vitainowa Bomba

Feel the Magic of Relaxation -
Spa for two

Discover together a magical journey of relaxation at Sungate Beauty & Spa during our unique Couples Massage The Power of Aromatherapy. Immerse yourself in a harmony of scents and gentle touches that will bring blissful relaxation to both your bodies and minds.

Our experienced therapists and spa treatment therapists will take care of your individual needs, creating a unique combination of massage techniques and the power of aromatherapy oils. Choose your favourite scent together and we will tailor the whole experience to it, so you can savour a moment full of sensory experiences.

This couples massage is not only a relaxing treatment, but also a great opportunity to spend time together, building a strong bond and enjoying the benefits of relaxation together. At Sungate Beauty & Spa, we offer you an unforgettable experience that will bring deeper peace and joy to your relationship.

Discover the Secret to Beautiful Skin

Peeling Body Massage is an ideal treatment that combines the benefits of exfoliation and massage, offering deep cleansing and relaxation of the skin.

Benefits and Effects:

  • Deep Cleansing - The scrub removes dead skin cells, leaving the skin smooth and radiant.
  • Improving Circulation - The massage stimulates blood circulation, which improves oxygenation of skin cells and aids the removal of toxins.
  • Hydration and Nourishment - The oils and creams used during the treatment deeply moisturise and nourish the skin.
  • Relaxation and Relaxation - The massage has a relaxing effect, reducing muscle tension and stress.
  • Better Absorption of Cosmetics - After exfoliation, the skin better absorbs the active ingredients from cosmetics, which increases their effectiveness.

Advantages in summer:

  • Preparing the Skin for the Sun - Removing dead skin makes the tan more even and lasts longer.
  • Skin Refreshment - Exfoliation helps to refresh the skin after a long day in the sun, preventing clogged pores.
  • After-sun regeneration - Massage aids the regeneration of skin that may have been irritated by the sun.

Treat yourself to our exfoliating body massage to enjoy smooth, refreshed and healthy skin all summer long.

Regeneration and Relaxation
A treatment you will love

Discover our relaxing Facial Massage with Mask, which combines a soothing massage with a nourishing mask to provide your skin with exceptional care and regeneration.

Benefits and Effects:

  • Deep relaxation: Facial massage reduces muscle tension, helping to relax and unwind.
  • Improving Circulation: Stimulation of blood circulation improves oxygenation of skin cells for a healthy glow.
  • Detoxification: Massage supports the removal of toxins from the tissues, which promotes skin purification.
  • Hydration and Nourishment: The applied mask provides the skin with valuable nourishing and moisturising ingredients, restoring elasticity and softness.
  • Facial contour improvement: Regular facial massage can improve facial contours, strengthening muscles and making them firmer.
  • Reduction of swelling: The massage helps with lymphatic drainage, which reduces swelling and puffiness.
  • Improved Absorption of Active Ingredients: After a massage, the skin better absorbs the active ingredients from the mask, increasing their effectiveness.
  • Radiant Skin: The result of the treatment is radiant, healthy-looking skin, full of radiance and vitality.

Treat yourself to our Facial Massage with Mask to enjoy smooth, relaxed and radiant skin.

Your Beauty,
Our Passion -
Sungate Beauty & Spa

At Sungate Beauty & Spa, we offer a unique Eye Area Mesotherapy treatment that will revolutionise your skincare. Specially selected active substances are precisely introduced deep into the skin, providing intensive regeneration and revitalisation of the skin around the eyes.

This treatment not only reduces wrinkles, but also helps to minimise dark circles under the eyes, giving a fresh and radiant look. Experience the professionalism of our treaters who will tailor the treatment to your individual skin needs, providing comprehensive care.

An Eye Mesotherapy treatment is not only skin regeneration, but also a moment of relaxation for you. Trust our experts and the results of the treatment will positively surprise you, restoring a youthful glow to your eyes.

We create special moments
For Your Beauty

Discover the unique Venus Massage, which combines state-of-the-art endermologie and radiofrequency (RF) therapy techniques to give you outstanding results in body contouring and skin improvement.

Advantages of Venus Massage:

  • Cellulite reduction: Effectively eliminates fat deposits and smooths the skin, reducing the appearance of cellulite.
  • Skin firming: Stimulates collagen production, leading to firmer, more elastic skin.
  • Improving Circulation: Massage improves blood circulation, which promotes oxygenation of skin cells and accelerates the removal of toxins.
  • Silhouette modelling: Helps shape the body, improving contours and proportions.
  • Detoxification: Supports the body's detoxification process, improving overall wellbeing and skin appearance.

Special Promotion: When you buy a package of 10 Venus Massage treatments, you will receive a 50% discount! This is a great opportunity to enjoy the full benefits of regular treatments at an even more affordable price.

Don't wait! Take advantage of our special offer and discover how Venus Massage can transform your skin and figure.

Silhouette modelling
and Skin Rejuvenation
in One Treatment

Achieve your full beauty and confidence with a lip augmentation service at Sungate Beauty & Spa. Our professional team of cosmetologists will perfectly understand your individual expectations, creating a natural effect that enhances your beauty.

Our lip augmentation and shaping treatments are based on innovative techniques and the substances used are carefully selected to ensure safety and satisfactory results. Experience the lip shaping experience at Sungate Beauty & Spa, where we care not only about aesthetics but also about your sense of comfort and confidence.

Feel beautiful from the inside out and express your unique beauty with the lip augmentation service you will experience at our beauty salon.

Happy Hours at Sungate Beauty & Spa Warsaw

Start the Day with a Smile at Sungate Beauty & Spa

Is there anything more relaxing than a moment spent in a luxury spa? Now you can do it under exceptionally favourable conditions during our Happy Hours promotion! At Sungate Beauty & Spa Warsaw Centrum we want to give our clients even more pleasure and the opportunity to take care of their body and soul at an attractive price.

When are the Happy Hours?

Our Happy Hours promotion takes place in TUESDAYS  from 12:00 To 16:00.

This is the perfect time to take a break from your daily routine and allow yourself to relax.

20% Discount on Selected Treatments

As part of our Happy Hours promotion, we are offering 20% discount on a wide selection of our spa services, including:

  1. Massages : Restore harmony to your body with our professional massages - choose your favourite massage ! 

Terms of the Promotion:

  • The treatment must start at 12:00 pm and end no later than 4:00 pm to take advantage of the Happy Hours offer.
  • The "Happy Hours" promotion does not combine with other promotions.
  • Promotion only applies to 1 day a week - TONIGHT
  • The promotion is valid until further notice, so we encourage you to take advantage of this unique opportunity as soon as possible.
  • Applies to treatments of 1 hour or more.

Book Now!

Don't miss this unique opportunity to relax and unwind at Sungate Beauty & Spa Warsaw Centrum. Book your visit for Happy Hours and indulge in a moment of luxury in the heart of the city. We're giving you the chance to take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and take care of your body and spirit while saving on exceptional treatments. Do it for yourself - you deserve it!

Sungate Beauty & Spa Warsaw Centre Loyalty Card

Sungate Beauty & Spa Warsaw Centre Loyalty Card

We are delighted to introduce the Sungate Beauty & Spa Warsaw Centrum Loyalty Card - our unique offer to reward our valued guests for their trust and choice of our luxury salon.

What is the Loyalty Card?

The Sungate Beauty & Spa Warsaw Centrum Loyalty Card is a loyalty programme created especially for our loyal clients to celebrate your special place in our salon.

How does our card work?

The concept is simple - the more often you use our services, the more benefits you can gain. The highlight of the card is an extraordinary promotion that allows you to receive your sixth massage for just 1 penny!

How to take advantage of this unique offer?

To enjoy your sixth massage for a token one coin, simply fulfil one of two simple options:

  1. Book and enjoy five full-price massages at Sungate Beauty & Spa Warsaw Centrum.
  2. Purchase five Gift Vouchers for any of the massages and body treatments available in our salon.

Once you have fulfilled one of these options, you will receive a voucher for a sixth massage, which you can use on your next visit to our salon, paying just 1 penny.

Note on promotion: We would like to emphasise that the promotional offer does not combine with other promotions or discounts. The 1 penny massage can be selected from those massages purchased in advance for the highest amount.

Why use the Loyalty Card?

  1. Exclusive Awards - Our loyalty card gives you access to exclusive offers and promotions, available only to our regular customers.
  2. Relaxation and Rest - By enjoying our services even more frequently, you can achieve a deeper state of relaxation and indulgence.
  3. Personal Note -. As a regular client of Sungate Beauty & Spa Warsaw Centrum, you will receive personal attention and care from our experienced therapists.
  4. Savings - In addition to relaxation, we offer the opportunity to save money on luxury massages and treatments.

We invite you to use our Loyal Customer Card to further appreciate our services and attention to your comfort. At Sungate Beauty & Spa Warsaw Centrum, we value our regular clients and want to thank them for their loyalty. We look forward to your visit to provide you with unforgettable moments of relaxation and beauty.

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