Price per 2 persons.

Time: 90 min Price: 440.00,-PLN
Time: 60 min Price: 340.00,-PLN

This is an extremely relaxing massage performed in the couples' room. We have specially prepared a ritual for you that includes several types of relaxing massage techniques performed with oils that bring soothing and relaxation.

A massage ritual with warm oils is a way to take a break from your daily chores and forget about stress after a day of hard work that cannot be replaced by anything else. Give your body the reward of perseverance and your mind the opportunity to reach immeasurable spaces. Let the warmth, pleasant fragrance and gentle touch of an expert wrap around your tired body and you are sure to quickly regain not only your balance but also your radiant appearance. You know very well that this is priceless.
During the ritual we use natural oils (grape, avocado, sesame, sweet almond) which are heated to the right temperature. To stimulate the senses we add essential oils, the scent you can choose yourself.

Amazing power from a warm oil massage

We guarantee that the kind of massage you will get with us will not be done to you by anyone else. In our salon we do more than anything to make you feel its incredible power.

The right atmosphere, quiet and soothing relaxing music and a masseur's smile are just the prelude to regaining lost harmony and gaining new strength for life.

Here is our amazing secret - using aromatic oils while gently and steadily caressing the body with the warmth of your hands relaxes the body by stimulating the production of endorphins, known as happy hormones. In addition, it gradually eases muscle tension and relaxes the mind. Simply relaxation in its purest form!

And, most importantly, there are no medical contraindications in the use of this type of massage. It can be used by anyone, with the right composition of oils, even allergy sufferers!

You are cordially invited to our massage parlour Sungate Estetic & SPA in Warsaw for a relaxing massage.



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