Price per 2 persons.

Time: 90 min Price: 460.00,-PLN
Time: 60 min Price: 360.00,-PLN

This is an extremely relaxing massage performed in the couples' room. Especially for you, we have prepared a ritual containing several types of relaxing massage techniques performed with massage candles containing a rich composition of vitamins and trace elements. Our body treatment therapists will be happy to advise you and select the right fragrance composition.

This sensual ceremony leaves the skin moisturised and nourished in an extraordinary aroma that stimulates our senses. The products used in the treatment have rejuvenating, nourishing, regenerating and relaxing properties. The ritual consists of massage techniques: lymphatic, relaxation .

We use vitamin- and nutrient-rich candles for the treatment, which will pamper the skin leaving it silky smooth.


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