Injection lipolysis

Removing unwanted fat is easier than ever.

Injection lipolysis - what is it?

Injection lipolysisThe liposculpture, also known as intralipotherapy, is a modern, non-surgical method of removing localised body fat. It allows for precise silhouette modelling by removing excess fatty tissue in areas where it is difficult to get rid of through diet or physical activity.Lips are a very important part of our beauty. Many people dream of fuller, more voluptuous lips.The dream can come true and your lips will be just the way you want them to be using a filler product that can also be found in your body. It is a simple, safe treatment that will enlarge small and narrow lips, adding volume, firmness, elasticity. This treatment will also help to eliminate lip asymmetry, reduce wrinkling, stop the effects of ageing.

lipolysis gun
Lipolysis gun

Injection lipolysis - principle of action

Injection lipolysis allows the membrane of the fat cells to dissolve, resulting in their degradation, which is then transported to the liver and excreted from the body. The preparation used in injection lipolysis is precisely injected directly into the area with excess fatty tissue, causing an intentional and controlled inflammation within the area.

Injection lipolysis - about possible side effects

Normal side effects of injection lipolysis may include bruising, swelling and mild pain in the treated area, which disappear within a few days.

When to use?

Injection lipolysis is a treatment that cannot be performed arbitrarily - on every part of the body. It is only applied to the following areas:

  • double chin (contouring of the mandible)
  • neck area,
  • upper limbs
  • shoulders in the triceps area
  • abdomen and lower abdomen
  • hip "love handles"
  • hips, "breeches"
  • lower back area
  • inside of thighs
  • inside of knees
  • folds on the back (known as flanks)
  • male gynaecomastia
  • lipomas

Number and frequency of treatments

When performing injection lipolysis, too much preparation cannot be administered at one time, so the treatment must be performed in stages. The amount of preparation used during one treatment varies and depends mainly on the patient's expectations, but also on the amount of fatty tissue accumulated there.

The amount of product required for the injection lipolysis treatment is determined each time during the individual consultation before the treatment.

For a visible and lasting effect, 2 to 6 lipolysis treatments are usually required at 3-6 week intervals. Already approximately 3 weeks after each treatment, a significant reduction in fat can be felt and seen, so much so that most patients are satisfied with the results after 2-3 sessions.

Contraindications to lipolysis

Medical contraindications to injection lipolysis are:

  • liver diseases,
  • diseases of a cardiac nature,
  • diabetes,
  • blood clotting disorders and skin diseases.
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Active substances used in injection lipolysis treatment

Phosphatidylcholine - liquid lecithin

Phosphatidylcholine, initially used in medicine, mainly to protect the liver and reduce fat in the blood since the mid-1990s, has also found its way into cosmetology, when Patricia Rittes, a French doctor of dermatology, first used injection lipolysis in 1995, based on the premise that unnecessary fat can be dissolved by injection.

Injection lipolysis treatment using phosphatidylcholine was found to be completely safe based on a 2002 study by the European Network-Lypolisis Scientific and Research Group.

Phosphatidylcholine easily penetrates through cell membranes into fat cells, leading to the breakdown of their structure and the breakdown of triglycerides. The substance is then transported to the liver, where the fats are broken down, after which they are naturally excreted from the body.

Phosphatidylcholine has been used in thousands of treatments worldwide, with no risk of overdose, and the end result of injection lipolysis using it can be described as amazing.

If not phosphatidylcholine, Aqualyx will help

Aqalyx, a.k.a. Motolese solution or 'M-solution', which is a modern injectable preparation approved as a medical device, is also often used for injectable lipolysis treatments.

The mandatory Aqualyx insertion technique involves injecting the fatty tissue area with a special needle - from just one or possibly two insertion sites. This means that the patient is pricked with the needle 2 - 4 times during the procedure. This eliminates the risk of complications, which are quite common during other body contouring procedures.

The non-invasive way to sculpt your body!

At Sungate Beauty & Spa Warsaw Centrum, we offer advanced injectable lipolysis treatment to effectively reduce excess fat and shape your silhouette. Our experienced team of aesthetic medicine specialists use state-of-the-art techniques and high quality preparations to provide you with an effective and safe result.

Injection lipolysis is an innovative method that involves injecting a special lipolytic preparation directly into areas of fat accumulation. This preparation acts on fat cells, causing their breakdown and gradual elimination from the body. Thanks to this treatment, it is possible to model the silhouette, reduce circumferences and improve body contours.

Our injection lipolysis treatment at Sungate Beauty & Spa Warsaw Centrum is tailored to the patient's individual needs and expectations. Prior to the treatment, we conduct a thorough consultation during which we discuss your goals, analyse the areas you wish to undergo lipolysis and select the preparation accordingly.

The benefits of injection lipolysis treatment are multifaceted. Firstly, a more sculpted silhouette and better body proportions can be achieved through fat reduction. Appropriate areas such as the abdomen, thighs, hips, arms or chin can be firmed and slimmed, resulting in an improved overall external appearance.

Injection lipolysis treatment is also used to reduce cellulite. The lipolytic preparation acts on fatty tissue and reduces the appearance of skin irregularities, improving smoothness and firmness. This results in a more uniform and aesthetically pleasing skin texture.

Our highly qualified team of specialists guarantees the safety and effectiveness of the injection lipolysis treatment. We make sure that the entire process takes place under controlled conditions, with the highest standards of hygiene and quality. Our priority is to ensure your comfort and satisfaction with the results.

If you want to achieve the silhouette of your dreams, reduce excess body fat and improve the appearance of your body, then the injection lipolysis treatment at Sungate Beauty & Spa Warsaw Centrum is the perfect solution. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and start your journey to beauty and confidence!


Firm up your body with injectable lipolysis

Injection lipolysis is an advanced treatment that delivers impressive results in fat reduction and body contouring. With this innovative method, you can achieve the results you dream of by removing stubborn fat foci and improving body contours.

The main objective of injection lipolysis is the permanent reduction of fat tissue in selected areas of the body, such as the abdomen, hips, thighs, arms or chin. During the procedure, a special lipolytic preparation is injected into the fatty tissue, which causes the fat cells to break down. The body then naturally removes them from the body, leading to a reduction in tissue volume and firming of the skin.

Model your silhouette

One of the main effects of injectable lipolysis is a reduction in body circumference. With this treatment, the waist, hips or thighs can be reduced in size, which has the effect of modelling the figure and achieving a more proportionate appearance. Appropriately selected areas that are troublesome in terms of fat accumulation can be effectively modelled, thus achieving a harmonious and attractive silhouette.

Another effect of injectable lipolysis is to improve skin firmness and elasticity. The lipolytic preparation acts on fat tissue while stimulating collagen and elastin production. This makes the skin tighter, smoother and firmer, resulting in a visibly younger and healthier appearance.

Get rid of excess fat from difficult areas

Cellulite reduction is also worth mentioning. Injection lipolysis can help to reduce the appearance of uneven skin, improving its smoothness and texture. As a result, after treatment, the skin can look more uniform and aesthetically pleasing.

The effects of injection lipolysis are visible gradually over time. Usually, the first results can be seen after a few weeks, which will gradually deepen. The final effect depends on individual factors such as the area to be lipolysed, the amount of body fat and the patient's lifestyle. Regular exercise, a healthy diet and maintaining an appropriate weight can help to maintain the effects of injection lipolysis for a longer period of time.

Injection lipolysis at Sungate Beauty & Spa Warsaw Centrum is the perfect solution for people who want to reduce body fat, sculpt their silhouette and improve the appearance of their body. Our experienced team of specialists will provide you with a professional approach, safety and satisfaction with the results. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and start your journey towards achieving your dream silhouette and greater self-confidence.

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