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  • AHA acids - for normal, oily and combination skin
  • BHA acids - exfoliation alternative for vascular, sensitive, acne-prone complexions

A treatment recommended for all skin types, even for sensitive and delicate skins. It is particularly suitable for problematic skins: acne, irregular pigmentation. It is also used in aesthetic medicine; it removes wrinkles in patients, lightens irregular post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, reduces melasma and, due to its antibacterial properties, combats acne vulgaris, blackheads and inflammation.

To be effective, acids must be used in the right concentration as well as with the right Ph of the preparation. They affect both the epidermis and the dermis. Their function is to increase collagen and elastin production, reduce surface wrinkles, smooth the epidermis, lighten hyperpigmentation and minor scars, improve acne skin and eliminate acne scars.
The preparations used also contain substances with numerous properties that revitalise the skin's natural defences.

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