A refreshing ritual smelling of fresh coffee is an appetising adventure, after which the skin acquires a youthful appearance. Coffee's beneficial properties are due to the caffeine it contains, especially the huge amount, which is particularly effective in the fight against CELLULIT. This extraordinary blend of coffee, cardamom, cinnamon and oils is also an irreplaceable source of many valuable ingredients which improve the condition and colour of the skin, thus stopping the skin ageing process. The appetising coffee ritual has been created to restore the skin's vitality and youthfulness from the very first moment. Gently cleansed with a scrub, the skin is treated with a multi-vitamin serum and a fragrant rejuvenating mask. The coffee variation will smooth the skin, remove cellulite, swelling and toxins. A nourishing massage will make the skin regain radiance, elasticity and long-lasting hydration.

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