Body scrub - which one to choose, what types are there?

    • based on Dead Sea salt - normal, combination skin
    • based on cane sugar - all skin types
    • sweet coconut - sensitive skin
    • coffee - detox, cellulite
    • herbal - purifying

    Salt scrub - full body cleansing, is it worth choosing this treatment?

    Give your skin a healthy and beautiful look.

    One of the most popular exfoliating body treatments is the Dead Sea salt body scrub.

    Dead Sea salt is an ecological and clean  a source of 26 minerals and trace elements that will give the skin a powerful rejuvenating and regenerating boost.


    Which scrub to choose?

    The Dead Sea salt scrub is the most popular choice. Remember, we always select a treatment individually to suit your skin's needs.

    Body peeling - what are the effects and why should it be used?


    • removes dead cells
    • improves microcirculation
    • improves the elasticity and tone of the skin
    • absorbs toxins
    • effectively supports the fight against CELULIT

    Which body treatments to choose?

    The best choice is to combine three therapies in one treatment: a scrub with a composition of sea salt, mineral salts and natural essential oils, a relaxing massage, and aromatherapy with pure essential oils.

    The treatment will give your skin an extraordinary glow, smoothing, firming and enveloping it in a unique fragrance.

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