[one_fourth last="no"].time: 45 min[/one_fourth][one_fourth last="no"].price: PLN 150.00[/one_fourth][one_fourth last="no"][/one_fourth][one_fourth last="yes"][/one_fourth].
[one_fourth last="no"].time: 60 min[/one_fourth][one_fourth last="no"].price: PLN 180.00[/one_fourth][one_fourth last="no"][/one_fourth][one_fourth last="yes"][/one_fourth].
[one_fourth last="no"].time: 90 min[/one_fourth][one_fourth last="no"].price: PLN 220.00[/one_fourth][one_fourth last="no"][/one_fourth][one_fourth last="yes"][/one_fourth].


Anti-cellulite massage is a modern form of massage using a Chinese bubble, based on the classical method, which aims to effectively eliminate cellulite, the so-called orange peel, which appears in overweight and obese people even around 30 years of age.

The inconspicuous rubber bubble is an accessory that has been known for centuries, now rediscovered, which makes it possible, thanks to the knowledge and skilful application by the masseur, the body acquires a youthful glow and the skin regains its original vitality and velvety smoothness. Due to its specificity, it is not recommended for people with haematological disorders.

A unique anti-cellulite massage offered by the specialists at our Warsaw salon in a visible way:

  • effectively improves blood circulation,
  • naturally mobilises the dormant lymphatic system,
  • non-invasively stimulates the body to remove toxins and other metabolic by-products,
  • results in a gradual minimisation of fatty tissue while maintaining skin elasticity.

For treatment purposes, we suggest you carry out a series of 10 treatments at 2-3 day intervals. The effects after the anti-cellulite treatment are visible already after 5 treatments!

You are cordially invited to enjoy anti-cellulite massage treatments at the Sungate Estetic & SPA salon in Warsaw.

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