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Volumetry of the face

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Volumetry of the face – definition

Volumetry of the face is a safe non-surgical procedure used to model the face and its contours, most often with the help of a filler, on a facelift, and is often also referred to as a facial volumetric facelift.

Volumetry of the face – what is it?

This usually involves deep insertion into the subcutaneous tissue with a needle and pre-filled syringe into predetermined locations on the face of the special filler most often from the natural preparation, which is then gently massaged to obtain the desired facial contours.

The facial acne treatment is performed in local anesthesia, so it is completely painless and usually lasts about 30 minutes. It can be used at any age in both women and men.

Volumetry of the face – what gives?

Volumetry of the face allows for an immediate positive effect without a scalpel in the form of:

The main indications for a volumetric operation is the need for:

Volumetry of the face – the most important contraindications

The obstacle to performing facial volume is:

Volumetry of the face – what then?

Due to the fact that during the face volumetric treatment, the preparation most often from the natural preparation is introduced quite deep, the site of administration may appear slight bruising, redness and swelling. These symptoms, however, are normal, resolving spontaneously after a few days. There may also be tenderness and slight discomfort that will disappear with time.

Immediately after face volume surgery it is recommended to avoid skin warming – sunbathing, sauna use and high physical activity.

Desirable facial volume effects persist for about 18 months. After this time, the absorbing implant from the filler provides excellent regeneration of the surrounding tissues and thus the effect of rested and healthy facial skin without the sudden change of facial features caused by the absorption of the filler.

Treatments are made using Croma, Stylage, Vivacy, Restylane, Emarvel, Elanse.