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Filler – treatments with hyaluronic acid

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Sungate Estetic & SPA offers effective treatments that eliminate lines, shadows, wrinkles and furrows across the face. Aesthetic medicine doctor conducts an interview during which she determines the type of product individually and diagnose the area of hyaluronic acid.

What is a filler?

This formulation naturally occurs in our body (as well as elastin and collagen fibers). It determines the elasticity, elasticity and smoothness of the skin. Its hygroscopic properties allow it to maintain the proper degree of tissue moisturisation and its molecules act as a carrier that allows nutrients to be transported deep into the skin. In addition, the filler stimulates the production of collagen. Unfortunately, with age, its content decreases, resulting in the appearance of further wrinkles, the skin loses its density and elasticity. Using hyaluronic acid based fillers, you can prolong your youthful appearance in a quick and safe way.

Is nasolabial furrows can fill filling preparation?

Yes, as well as transverse wrinkles of the forehead, lingering wrinkles, wrinkles around the mouth and even scars. Sometimes, when eliminating wrinkles, for example, you can combine filler. Each treatment is individually tailored to your needs..


What is the procedure?

After a consultation with a specialist injection site, we anesthetize Emel cream for 15-30 minutes for greater comfort. The filler is injected with a thin needle into the skin, at several points, then it is smeared. During the injection you are fully aware and after the surgery you will immediately see the result of the surgery. Wrinkles are smoothed and the skin is firm, moisturized, rejuvenated and has a natural color.

What is the use of hyaluronic acid fillers?

Filler – what is its effect?

The filler is an unchanging acid that is present in every living organism, including bacteria. It is responsible for binding water with collagen, which is a support for tissues. Over time (especially after the age of 40), the amount of filler in the tissues and skin decreases, hence losing their natural smoothness and elasticity, as well as optimal hydration. Its strength is evidenced by the fact that 1 gram of filler binds 6 liters of water and 250 molecules of water per molecule. Filler used in cosmetics and medicine since the 1930s, formerly derived from animal tissues, nowadays for ethical reasons, is obtained thanks to special Streptococcus bacteria that are fermented and filtered to give a solid sodium salt of the filler . For prolonged durability, stabilization with dextran or acrylic copolymer is carried out in optimum, sterile conditions. NASHA ™ is a state-of-the-art plant extraction method, which has a significantly longer life span and longer biodegradation.

Filler – support for curative and cosmetic processes

Due to its fully safe – physiological nature filler is widely used in many branches of medicine – including in ophthalmology, laryngology, orthopedics, gynecology and cosmetology as a perfect filler, skin revitalizer, wrinkle reducer or folds and an important element in the treatment of lesions. Acne and atopic dermatitis.

How long does the effect persist?

Effects are visible immediately and persist for 9-18 months, sometimes longer, depending on age, skin type, injection site and lifestyle.

When can not fill filler wrinkles?

After what time can you expect the final effect?

The nasal-nasal fissure effect is visible immediately after the filler is filled. After 3-4 weeks after surgery we can get the final result. During an inspection at an esthetician physician, additional treatment may be required, which is sometimes needed when deep depressions. Together with the doctor, a decision is made on any additional treatment. The best results of correcting the falling and flaccid upper eyelids are when the phases are applied and formed filler, ie after 3-4 weeks. Then we are sure that we will receive a satisfactory natural shape and the given preparation will not move us.

How many treatments should be done to achieve a satisfactory effect?

Typically, for a person under the age of 40, one visit is sufficient, during which 0.5 to 1 ml filler is administered. In the older age, a satisfactory effect is achieved after the second treatment, as the depths are deeper. Alternatively, the next treatment can be performed 3-4 weeks after the first treatment.

How long does one or two treatments last?

Satisfactory effect, which was obtained after 1-2 treatments, lasts from 8 to 12 months. Many factors determine the patient’s age, type of preparation, lifestyle and general condition of the patient. Smoking cigarettes significantly affects the loss of the resulting effect.

How often should I repeat the procedure?

Usually, the treatment should be repeated when the satisfactory effect disappears after about 8-12 months. The next “maintenance treatments” require smaller volumes of the preparation, since the collagen fibers at the site of the first administration increased their amount and prolonged the effect of skin restoration.

How does face skin look right after aesthetic medicin treatment?

The place to be treated is gently flushed, swollen and painful at the pressure. Needles are also visible in the skin. Touching the area of injection can cause the skin to feel hard because the filler has been introduced. During the procedure and the next day there may be small hematoma at the site of needle injection and swelling. All complaints are resolved within a few days. To get rid of edema, use cold compresses and bruises can be quickly removed by applying a gel with Arnica.

What are the recommendations for correction of nasal-lip furrows?

After treatment, it is advisable to use products that accelerate the healing of the skin, eg Cicaplast and gently massaging the area where the filler is applied. If bruises appear after the treatment, they can be lubricated with Arnica gel, which accelerates their absorption. After a few days you can return to regular skin care and apply a filter cream, preferably with an SPF50.

What to do to maintain the effect of the treatment as long as possible?

It is very important to use sun protection creams (SPF 30 – 50+) and skin care products with antioxidants such as vitamin C, vitamin E, flavonoids, ferulic acid, floretin. It is also recommended to use oral preparations containing vitamin C, vitamin E, coenzyme Q10 and grape seed flavonoids. It is very important to avoid cigarette smoking, because it significantly speeds up the aging process and reduces the results of rejuvenation.

It is also important to plan skin revitalizing treatments such as medical and mesotherapy.

Hyaluronic acid treatments at Sungate Beauty & SPA Warsaw

In our Salon we perform a number of aesthetic medicine treatments using a filler, which gives a rapid and natural effect of rejuvenated and well hydrated skin. They are for example:

Treatments are made using Croma, Stylage, Vivacy, Restylane, Emarvel, Elanse.