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Harmony and Relaxation

Sungate Beauty & Spa Warsaw Centrum - Immerse yourself in a world full of relaxation and beauty. We offer the highest quality massages, unique treatments for couples, spa rituals, comprehensive facial care, modern laser therapy and innovative approaches of aesthetic medicine. Our services are designed to harmonise the body as well as the mind. Experience unparalleled serenity in the heart of Warsaw with Sungate Beauty & Spa.

We would like to welcome you to our exclusive spa, where beauty, relaxation and renewal become one. You will find us in the heart of Warsaw, ready to immerse you in a unique experience that will refresh your mind, revitalise your body and restore your inner harmony.

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Wellness body care

Our specialised treatments and peels will leave your skin silky smooth and supple.

Facial treatments

Nourished, radiant skin is the key to beauty. That's why we offer a wide range of professional facial treatments to help you enjoy a healthier and younger-looking appearance.

Relaxation massages

We have a wide range of massages to calm your mind and relax your body - forget stress and tension. Choose from a variety of massage techniques, which we will tailor to your individual needs.

Our offer for everyone!

Discover our treatments for women, men and couples! Treat your beloved to unforgettable moments of relaxation.

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Treatments for ladies

Treatments for women in Warsaw's Sungate Beauty & SPA dedicated to ladies of all ages.


Treatments for gentlemen

Treatments for men at Sungate Beauty & SPA are prepared with all the care and attention to detail.


Treatments for couples

Treatments for two is a fairly new form gaining popularity due to a number of factors.

We invite you to take advantage of our most popular services:

Learn about some of our massages

Massage Warsaw

You deserve a moment of relaxation!


Relaxation massage

Relaxation massage is one of the most well-known and appreciated ways by all cultures to get rid of stress, fatigue and the unpleasant feeling of heaviness in the body.

Thanks to the warmth of the masseuse's hands and the special movements she performs, the relaxing massage treatment is extremely pleasant and relaxing.


Relaxation massage is a gentle and calming technique that aims to deeply relax the body and mind. 

Relaxation massage can help reduce stress hormones, improve blood circulation and a general feeling of relaxation.


Oriental massage

Aromatherapy massage allows the beneficial power of natural essential oils to be combined with the healing power of massage. 

Aromatic candle massage is another oriental way of dealing with stress that is gaining a growing number of followers in our country.

Facial massage with Kobido elements is a synthesis of Japanese wisdom and traditional relaxation techniques. Gentle movements, pressure and special points promote improved circulation, muscle tone and skin health. It is a wonderful experience combining relaxation and skin lifting.


Therapeutic back massage

Holistic therapeutic massage or partial is a unique relief for tired muscles and joints after injuries, conditions.

Therapeutic back massage is a targeted therapeutic technique that focuses on relieving pain and tension to facilitate the relaxation of tense muscles, improve blood circulation and restore correct posture. 

It will bring relief to people suffering from back problems, helping to improve comfort, mobility and quality of life.


Swedish classical massage

Classical massage, also known as Swedish massage, is a holistic relaxation and therapeutic technique. 

By using a variety of techniques, this massage aims to relieve muscle tension, improve blood circulation and reduce stress. 

Performed by a qualified therapist, a classical massage provides physical and mental relief, improving joint mobility, muscle flexibility and overall harmony of body and mind.


SHEA Nourishing Massage

Let your skin experience deep nourishment and regeneration with our unique SHEA nourishing massage. 

It's not just a simple massage - it's an immersion in the beauty and goodness of shea butter, which moisturises, nourishes and restores radiance to your skin.

Our shea butter combined with the skills of our therapists will leave you feeling relaxed and beautiful all in one.

Choose your favourite fragrance note!



Anti-cellulite slimming massage

We can offer slimming, modelling, classic, anti-cellulite or Chinese bubble massage.

Anti-cellulite slimming massage aims to reduce cellulite and shape the silhouette. 

By stimulating blood circulation, lymph circulation and metabolism, an anti-cellulite slimming massage can help to reduce the appearance of 'orange peel' and improve skin texture. 

It is important to have a regular series of such massages and to maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to achieve lasting results.

Enhance your natural beauty

Aesthetic medicine treatments

Give your face a new freshness


Lip augmentation

Enhance the natural beauty of your lips with a treatment of the highest quality fillers individually selected by our specialist at the Sungate Beauty & SPA clinic in the very centre of Warsaw.

Enlarge, moisturise and highlight your lips! Aesthetic treatments combining HA acid create fuller lips, reduce wrinkles and improve hydration. 

Contouring emphasises the natural shape, creating a beautiful, subtle effect. 

Achieve a radiant and seductive beauty!


Facial volumetrics - facelift

Facelift using filler at Sungate Beauty & SPA is a controlled way to turn back the clock and make a significant difference to the appearance of the face, popular with the ladies but also the gentlemen who visit our Salon.

Facial volumetrics is a procedure for restoring or reshaping a face altered by age, trauma and surgery, without invasive surgical intervention. 


Lifting threads

Lifting threads is a true revolution in aesthetic medicine providing immediate lifting and facial contour improvement results, but also contributing to long-term improvements in skin structure. The skin renewal process occurs gradually as collagen forms around the threads, strengthening the skin over time. This makes the results natural and harmonious.

Lifting threads are used to contour the facial oval, lift the brow, improve the contour of the jaw, correct the jawline and rejuvenate the neck and décolletage. This treatment is an excellent alternative for those who are not ready for surgery but still want the effects of a clear lift, rejuvenation and improved skin appearance.


Tissue stimulators

Tissue stimulators are key tools of aesthetic medicine.

By stimulating fibroblasts, they restore skin density and firmness, reducing wrinkles and discolouration.

They provide anti-ageing effects, improving skin density and firmness, and formulations such as Sunekos, Profhilo and Nucleofill are used under the eyes, for the reduction of lion's wrinkle and scars.

Tissue stimulators are an innovative solution in the fight for healthy and beautiful skin.


Btx - BOT toxin

Btx, or BOT toxin, is a widely used and effective aesthetic medicine procedure. 

It works by temporarily weakening the muscles, reducing facial wrinkles and preventing the formation of new ones. Safe and non-invasive, btx is mainly used around the forehead, the wrinkles between the eyebrows and crow's feet.

It also treats bruxism and hyperhidrosis of the hands, feet and armpits.

A consultation with your doctor will help to tailor the therapy to your individual needs. 

Btx is the way to look fresh and naturally radiant. 


Mesotherapy of the skin: face, neck , décolleté and scalp

Mesotherapy is a revitalising treatment that restores radiance and elasticity to the skin.

Active and nourishing substances are used in the treatment, vitamins, minerals and HA acid moisturise and improve the skin's texture.

When choosing a therapy, you can target the face, neck, décolleté, eye area or scalp.

As a result, the skin becomes more elastic, firmer and visibly rejuvenated. 

Expert Care Treatments

Facial treatments

Gain confidence with effective skin therapies


Hydrafacial - hydrogen cleansing

Hydrafacial is a luxurious hydrogen cleansing treatment loved by Hollywood stars.

It combines cleansing, exfoliation, hydration and nourishment to restore radiance and freshness to the skin. Innovative technology gently removes impurities while infusing nutrients and HA acid.

Visible results immediately, skin becomes soft, radiant and visibly purified.

Experience the secret to looking healthy and beautiful, inspiring Hollywood stars!


Black Doll - laser carbon peeling

Black Doll is a revolutionary carbon laser peel treatment, also known as Carbon Laser Peel.

It is used to improve skin condition, remove impurities and tighten pores.

This effective treatment cleanses pores, regulates sebum, removes dead cells, thickens the skin, reduces hyperpigmentation, scars and broken capillaries.

Black Doll is non-invasive and painless, with results visible immediately. The skin becomes smoother, brighter and more radiant.


Treatment for vascular skin with vit.K

Treatment for vascular skin with vitamin K is an effective therapy that addresses skin problems associated with dilated blood vessels.

Vitamin K Promotes blood clotting and strengthens vascular walls, reducing their visibility. This safe and effective treatment focuses on reducing erythema, redness and visible blood vessels on the skin.

Through the use of specialised preparations and techniques, the skin becomes calmer, more uniform and healthier. 

This is perfect for those with delicate and vascular skin who want to restore balance and a natural look to their skin. 


Whitening and brightening treatment with vit.C

Whitening and brightening treatment with vitamin C is an excellent therapy for skin with discolouration, spots and loss of radiance.

Vitamin C, known for its brightening properties, reduces excessive melanin production, improving skin uniformity.

This innovative treatment promotes cell renewal, smooths the skin and restores its natural luminosity and colour.

This is the ideal option for those dreaming of a radiant and even complexion.




Vitamin bomb treatment

Vitamin bomb treatment is a revitalising facial skin therapy. Through a powerful dose of vitamins, minerals and nutrients, the skin receives a boost of energy and radiance.

The treatment moisturises, smooths and improves elasticity, restoring a youthful appearance. Vitamin Bomb has a refreshing effect, reducing eye fatigue and stress.

It is a non-invasive treatment that adapts to different skin types. 

Restore your skin's health and radiance by choosing this unique vitamin therapy !


Oxygen infusion

Oxygen infusion is an advanced skin revitalisation treatment based on the delivery of pure oxygen and nutrients to the deeper layers of the skin.

The procedure acts as a nourishing therapy, moisturising, firming and restoring radiance. Using special technology, the skin is cleansed and then infused with oxygen and nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and HA acid.

The effects are visible immediately - skin becomes smoother, hydrated and refreshed. 

This is an excellent option for those looking for a quick, non-invasive refresh of the skin on the face, neck or décolleté.

shared moments with a loved one

Treatments for couples

Shared Pleasure - Luxurious Treatments for Two


Beauty Day - Relaxation & Spa

Beauty Day at Sungate Beauty & Spa is an extraordinary adventure for couples wishing to enjoy relaxation and care together.

Start your day with cleansing scrub body of toxins, followed by a relaxing massage for two, which will relieve tension and create an atmosphere of calm. In the next stage, we will take you on a journey into the world of beauty, offering individual moisturising, cleansing and rejuvenating treatments. Our experienced therapists will take care of your skin, taking care of every detail.

This is a special time spent together that will strengthen your bond and leave your bodies and spirit renewed.


Romantic spa date

Romantic spa date is the perfect way for couples in love to relax and get close.

Start with aromatic relaxation massagewhich will relax your body and mind. The sounds of calm music and the gentle touch of the therapist will create a magical atmosphere.

After a sensual massage, relaxed and calmed, you can enjoy a moment for two with a glass of bubbly Prosseco. This is a unique opportunity to savour intimacy in a tranquil spa environment.

A Romantic Spa Date is not only relaxing, but also a beautiful way to maintain love and intimacy.


Deep Relaxation + Peeling

Immerse yourself in a moment of peace and relaxation during a treatment for Two -. Deep Relaxation.

Start with a scrub to refresh the skin and prepare it for further benefits.

Then move into a world full of harmony during a relaxation massage. The therapist's gentle movements will make sure that stress is released and the mind relaxes.

It is not only a moment for your bodies, but also for your relationship. Deep Relaxation for Couples is the perfect way to spend time for two, reaping the benefits of relaxation and intimacy.


The Power of Aromatherapy for Couples

Immerse yourself in a world of aromatic relaxation during a unique treatment for couples. The Power of Aromatherapy.

Begin with an inhalation of beautiful scents that will put you in a state of deep peace. Your bodies will then be wrapped in 100% natural essential oils that work on your senses and skin. Move on to a relaxing massage, where the gentle movements of the therapists will relax your bodies and minds.

Aromatic compositions will stimulate the senses and increase intimacy. This is a special time when you can share an aromatherapy experience, strengthen your relationship and enjoy a moment of peace together.


Chocolate Euphoria

Discover a sensual paradise for couples in our spa with a treatment Chocolate Euphoria.

Begin your journey to pleasure as your bodies are enveloped in the aroma of chocolate. Chocolate massage is not only relaxation for your body, but also for your senses. The therapists' gentle movements combined with warm, aromatic chocolate will revitalise your skin and energise you.

This treatment will not only relax your bodies, but also strengthen your bond. Immerse yourself in a moment of blissful relaxation, surrounded by the scent of chocolate and intimacy.

This is a unique experience for two that will make you feel like you are in a chocolate dreamland.


Nourishing Shea for Couples

Treat yourself to a little luxury and relaxation with a Nourishing Shea Massage for Couples.

Together, immerse yourself in balmy aromas and relax in a cosy atmosphere. Natural shea butter, rich in moisturising ingredients, will be gently massaged into your bodies by our therapists, leaving your skin silky smooth and nourished.

It is not only a moment of blissful relaxation, but also an opportunity for bonding and closeness in a tranquil spa environment.

The Shea Nourishing Massage treatment for couples is a way to enjoy pleasure and care together, strengthening your relationship.

Spa packages for all occasions

Relaxation & Spa Warsaw

Care Inspired by Your Beauty


Nourishing chocolate ritual - peeling + massage

Treat yourself to a moment of pleasure and renewal with a The Nourishing Chocolate Ritual.

Start with a scrub ritual, where natural sugar particles will gently remove dead cells, revealing radiant skin.

Then immerse yourself in a sensual chocolate massage, where your body will be enveloped in a nourishing lotion with the intense aroma of chocolate. The therapist's gentle movements will relax your body, while the velvety texture of the lotion will nourish and moisturise your skin. This is not only an experience for the senses, but also regenerates and strengthens the skin.

Discover a ritual that will satisfy your senses and take care of your body in the most delicate way.


Cleansing Detox package - face + body treatment

Immerse yourself in Detox Cleansing Ritualwhich revitalises the body and mind.

Start with a cavitation scrub on the face, removing impurities and revealing the skin's radiance.

Then enjoy a coffee scrub for the body that smooths and refreshes.

With a massaging motion, the therapist will use thermo-active gel, aiding slimming.

A massage focused on problem areas will firm and stimulate circulation.

This is a comprehensive package that will unlock energy, cleanse and also renew your body, leaving it refreshed and full of vitality.


Vitamin Bomb ritual - peeling + massage

Vitamin bomb ritual is a profound regeneration for body and soul.

Start with the Dead Sea salt scrub, which gently removes dead cells, restoring smoothness and radiance to the skin. Dead Sea minerals further promote skin regeneration, improving skin condition and texture.

Then experience a nourishing massage with Shea butter, which moisturises and nourishes the skin. The richness of vitamins penetrates deeply, restoring vitality. The ritual not only revitalises but also relaxes the mind, creating a harmonious balance.

Shea butter is a natural vegetable fat from the nuts of the shea tree. Rich in fatty acids, vitamins A and E, it promotes hydration, skin regeneration and soothes irritation. Ideal for dehydrated, dry, atopic skin and for those with hormonal problems.

Immerse yourself in this vitamin bath, nourishing your skin and enjoying a moment full of relaxation.


Dead Sea Therapy - facial + body treatment

Discover Dead Sea therapywhich will nourish and rejuvenate your skin.

We'll start with a consultation and interview to tailor a treatment to your needs. Then experience the cleansing power of the Dead Sea Bioactive Mud Mask, dedicated to oily and problematic skin. Mineral ingredients and natural extracts enrich the skin. A facial and eye area massage with HA acid provides deep revitalisation, while collagen eye pads add extra radiance. 

The peeling Dead Sea mud pack cleanses and revitalises the skin.

Next, a Chinese bubble massage, focused on areas of cellulite and stretch marks, will stimulate circulation and firm the skin.

This is a unique ritual that harnesses the power of minerals and natural techniques to help improve the skin's texture.

Enjoy deep relaxation and results that will bring renewal and radiance to your skin.


Anti-cellulite coffee ritual - peeling + massage

Treat your skin to a luxurious Anti-cellulite coffee ritual.

Coffee peeling will revitalise your skin, removing dead cells and improving texture and leaving it softly bronzed - sun-kissed.

Then anti-cellulite massage enriched with lymphatic drainage elements, reduces the appearance of cellulite and improves circulation while accelerating intracellular metabolism.

Feel how coffee stimulates the skin to regenerate and revitalise.

It is not only a pleasure, but also an effective way of combating uneven skin, leaving it smooth and cleansed.



Spa package for men - facial + body treatment

Enjoy a unique Spa package for mencombining relaxation with effective care.

Cleansing treatment on the face removes impurities and restores freshness.

Bioactive peeling Deeply cleanses and rejuvenates the skin, reducing impurities.

Then relaxing shea massage will help to relax tension and restore harmony.

It is not only a moment of relaxation, but also comprehensive care, tailored to men's needs.

A treatment that will improve the skin condition of the face and body, leaving you feeling light, refreshed and relaxed.

Learn about the work of our Spa Team:

Qualified Staff - Our team consists of experienced and qualified specialists who are ready to meet even the most demanding needs of our clients.

Individual Consultation - We understand that every client is different. Before each treatment, we carry out an individual consultation to understand your expectations and needs. This allows us to tailor treatments to you, achieving the best results.

Top Quality Products - At Sungate Beauty & Spa, we only use products from reputable brands that combine scientific efficacy and natural ingredients. This guarantees that your skin receives the best care it deserves.

Luxury in Detail -  From the moment you step through the threshold of our spa, you will be surrounded by luxury. Our thoughtfully designed interiors will make you feel comfortable and calm. Unique details, harmonious music and aromatic oils will make you start to relax even before your treatment begins.

Salt brine graduation tower at Sungate Beauty & Spa is an oasis of health and breath in the heart of Warsaw. It is a place where you can experience the beneficial properties of salt and benefit your health. Open your lungs to healthy breathing by inhaling microscopic salt particles, which help to cleanse the respiratory tract. This is not only a moment of relaxation, but also a way to improve the condition of your respiratory system and strengthen your immunity. At the Salt Graduation Tower at Sungate Beauty & Spa, you will find harmony and solace for your body and mind, and healthy breathing will become your daily benefit.

Come and discover a new dimension of relaxation!

Come and see how Sungate Beauty & Spa can transform your approach to relaxation and care. We offer online bookings so you can choose a date that is convenient for you. Give yourself the chance to relax and take care of yourself in a luxurious environment.

Our mission is not only to care for your skin and body, but also to rebuild your spirit. We invite you to immerse yourself in our world, where beauty and harmony meet in perfect symbiosis.

Contact us today and book your moment of relaxation and renewal at the Sungate Beauty & Spa Warsaw Centre.

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Our Opinions

Rohit Patankar
Excellent massage. Very professional. A big thank you to Victoria for giving a very relaxing massage. I would definitely recommend you to visit this spa and experience a relaxing massage.
Very nice atmosphere from the very moment I entered the salon. This is my next visit to this place and again I am very satisfied with the result of the work done by Ms Dagmara. Carefulness and perfection. The salon is very clean and provides a feeling of comfort and intimacy in a good location. The treatment was carried out without rush, accurately and Mrs Dagmara kept me informed about the activities (I consider this a big plus). I am pleased with the results. I also recommend the massage. Ms Weronika does a great massage with peeling, all tensions are gone and you feel better straight away. A great, professional massage. In a pleasant atmosphere and excellent conditions. Superbly done service, full professionalism, super atmosphere , quality 100% I will return for sure and recommend in 100% 🙂 . Thank you
Joanna Derlikiewicz
Super place 🙂 Very professional, the massages are always great, the massage therapists ask about the client's impressions in real time, take care of comfort and the right degree of pressure. Plus always a lovely staff 🫶🏻 One of my favourite places to get a massage ♥️
Chantelle Tadiwanashe Zaranyika
It was very relaxing, loved the atmosphere. The masseuse is very gentle and she speaks English too. I absolutely loved it, will definitely be back again. I highly recommend
Wiktoria Stokowska
I have already had the pleasure of being in the Sungate Spa salon several times for a back massage and a full body massage (relaxation and classic) I heartily recommend this Spa. Everything is done with care. The staff was very friendly and helpful every time. I felt very relaxed and rested after the massage.
Anna Cichecka
Very friendly staff, scrub and massage super option
Anna Gajda
Super. Highly recommended - massage
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