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Lifting massages

Slimming massage – weight loss without stress

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Losing weight without stress and great austerity is possible today without the need for frequent unsafe diets. All this can be achieved through a healthy lifestyle assisted by a slimming massage.

Slimming massage consisting of mechanical breakdown and fat tissue reduction, thanks to special technique of hand massage for better effect is most often aided by properly selected oils. They help the body to deal more quickly with adipose tissue, in addition to releasing it from toxins.

Modeling massage – fast slimming exactly where you need it

Modeling massage causes rapid slimming in selected parts of the body, where excessive adiposity has accumulated, and most commonly on the stomach, thighs and buttocks. Its main advantage is that it works exactly where it needs to model the body according to our taste.

Modeling massage because it is a very intense and powerful massage allows to feel positive effects after the first treatment. In addition to special herbal oils and extracts, bamboo is often used to enhance the effect of modeling massage.

Classic massage – a proven way to a healthy body

Classical massage is the best known form of massage having a beneficial effect on our body. It is valued not only by people with health problems with the body and the spine but also by all those who want to get rid of unpleasant muscle tension due to lack of movement and sedentary mode of life.

Classical massage with the right technique allows you to help the body function independently of age and disorder while healing it. Positively affects not only the circulatory system, the nervous system, the lymphatic system, the muscles and ligaments, but also the elasticity of the skin, which prevents many diseases.

Anti-cellulite massage – harmonious restoration of the needed balance

Anti-cellulite massage is an excellent way to regain the hydrolipidic balance in an organism that is suffering from cellulite. By applying appropriate pressures and movements towards the “heart” it activates the lymphatic and circulatory system, which makes cellulite gradually disappear, and the skin acquires a healthy shiny appearance.

With proper diet and body hydration, anti-cellulite massage can also bring the desired effect of rapid weight loss.
Properly selected home care programs will allow you to maintain longer results of professional SPA treatments.

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