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Relaxation and oriental massage

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Relaxing massages – Relax and unwind with the warmth of your hands

masaże relaksacyjne i orientalne

Relaxation massages are one of the most well-known and valued ways of getting rid of stress, fatigue and unpleasant feelings of gravity.

Thanks to the warmth of the hand of the masseur and his special movements, the relaxation massage is exceptionally pleasant and relaxing.

Relaxation massage allows you to regain balance and harmony quickly, as well as to relax after work, which is especially valuable in the present fast-paced life.

Aromatherapeutic massage – strength of natural essential oils

Aromatherapeutic massage allows you to combine the beneficial power of natural essential oils with the healing power of the massage. Properly designed massage technique in combination with selected essential oil will help you to meet the subtle needs of your body:

Massage candle – an oriental way to stress

Massage a candle is another oriental way of stress, which is gaining in us a growing number of supporters. This is a special ritual in which the warm and aromatic candle wax is massaged into the skin, allowing it to achieve an exceptionally high level of relaxation.
Massage candle is also an important ally in the fight against unwanted skin problems such as:

Massage with Chinese bubble – a unique way to improve your fitness

Chinese bubble massage is a way of helping the body in a variety of ailments, which has been known for centuries in the tradition of the Old Testament, which today is successfully applied not only in cosmetology, but even in European medicine. Chinese bubble and massaging of various body parts made it possible to effectively combat: pain, scarring, cellulite, while modeling the silhouette and helping to slim down. It can also be a great non-invasive way to treat onerous acne. The only disadvantage of Chinese bubble massage is that it may initially be a bit painful, but it should not be offensive, as the discomfort will subside as the sensory receptors in the skin become accustomed to it.
Properly selected home care programs will allow you to maintain longer results of professional SPA treatments.

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