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Permanent makeup

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Permanent makeup – the essence and history of permanent makeup

makijaż permanentny

Permanent makeup is an Asian born concept of permanent make-up, made using tattoo technique, using hypoallergenic natural dyes. During treatment, the dyes are introduced into the epidermis without affecting the dermis. The whole is made using modern tattoo tools with the highest standards of aseptic.

The history of permanent make-up goes back more than 2,000 years, when it was hand-made in China using bamboo sticks, silk threads and natural plant dyes.

Permanent makeup was brought to us from USA, where it was first presented at one of the cosmetic congresses in 1984. Since then, he has been gaining popularity all over the world – lasting at Polsat.
Have been hosting for more than a decade.

Pictures before and after makeup

makijaż permanentny

Permanent makeup is an effective and safe method that emphasizes this beauty. It will allow you to enjoy impeccable appearance at any time of the day or night. Introduced dye once under the skin, even in a few years.

It is comfortable during any activities, especially those related to water. You will attract tempting lips
You and me underlined or proudly present fashioned eyebrows – depending on the option you choose – without worry, this makeup will not blur at the least favorable moment.

Permanent makeup – who will it be useful to?

makijaż permanentny

Due to its specificity, permanent make-up is a special benefit for people who complain about the constant lack of time, lead an intense lifestyle, and those whose profession prevents the use of traditional makeup.

A very important reason for choosing permanent makeup treatments, both in Ladies and Gentlemen, is the ability to permanently correct the defects of beauty. It can also be helpful for those women who simply do not like to paint in the world, or traditional makeup gives them discomfort and hinders functioning.

Permanent makeup and its stages

Permanent makeup is a procedure which, in order to achieve the ideal effect, should be in stages. Most often, there are 2 basic steps that need to be completed within approximately 14 days.

Permanent makeup – what then?

Permanent makeup is a safe procedure, but nonetheless invasive, hence after its execution the skin requires exceptional care. It is important to remember that:

Permanent makeup is a permanent makeup, however, to maintain its beautiful effect, the treatment requires correction every 3- 5 years. This time depends on the person’s individual predisposition, the dye used and the external factors – the sun’s exposure to light pigment.

Permanent makeup – medical and non-medical contraindications

Our experts:

-Anna Wasielewska-

It belongs to the group of Linergistek ®, that is, people working on the market leader in the micro-germination market of Long-Time-Liner ®.
I have many years of work experience, and for some time I am also permanent makeup trainer. I am a graduate of the School of Fine Arts. My love for beauty, aesthetics and manual skills are always in me, and the most important features of a good linergist. I’m a perfectionist-what makes my life difficult for me personally, while permanent mastery is very important.
I make permanent makeup:

– Anna Paczuska –


Linergist with many years of experience, international permanent makeup trainer, juror in permanent makeup championship,
Plastic educator. Permanent makeup is her passion – she works reliably, professionally and individually approaching every client. Customer satisfaction and therefore their well-being is the best remuneration for a job. The most important for me is the highest quality, accuracy and great effect, in accordance with the expectations of my clients.
As a juror she participated in the Makeup Championships:


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