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Henna does not go out of fashion – we know how to strengthen the eye

Henna eyebrows / eyelashes have been known for thousands of years, the most appreciated nowadays is the procedure of improving the clarity of the eye frame readily used by ladies and more and more men, regardless of age. Due to the natural pigments extracted from Lawsonia inermis, it is completely safe, also for the environment, and its effects satisfy even the most demanding.

In addition to aesthetic qualities, henna also has medicinal properties – antibacterial and antifungal. It is a great solution for women with clear eyes, who want to rest from the use of cosmetics to color the eyelashes or eyebrows.

Henna is a relatively durable and 100% waterproof treatment – pigment stays for up to 3 weeks on the eyebrows for up to 2 weeks, then gradually disappears. Made in our Salon will guarantee a perfectly natural effect and well-chosen shade and saturation of the pigment.

Adjustment of eyebrows and other additional treatments

In order to increase the effect of more regular facial features, it is advisable to use eyebrow and / or eyelashes in addition to eyebrow adjustment. This improves not only the appearance of the face, but also increases self-esteem.

Eyebrows adjustment at Sungate Estetic & SPA can be done in two ways – tweezing or waxing. It relieves unwanted hair between the brows and regulates the shape of the arches itself, while matching it to the oval face and beauty.

Other treatments offered in our salon in Warsaw include professional nail painting classics and French, which we cordially invite all ladies.

Cennik henna:

Zabiegi dodatkowe
Henna’s eyebrows 20.00,-PLN
Henna’s eyelashes 25.00,-PLN
Henna eyebrows + eyelash + regulation 45.00,-PLN
Eyebrow regulation 15.00,-PLN
Eyebrow adjustment 20.00,-PLN
Classical painting of nails 20.00,-PLN
French painting 30.00,-PLN
Sonophorese 40.00,-PLN
Darsonvalization 20.00,-PLN
MASK 50,00-150,00 -PLN<

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