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Healting massages

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Massage therapies not necessarily in physiotherapy

masaże lecznicze

Total or partial healing massages are an exceptional relief for tired muscles and joints after injury or illness.

Although it has been accepted that therapeutic massages are prescribed by a physician and performed by a masseur in a medical facility, this may not always be the case.

Its beneficial effect depends on the skill of the masseur, not the place where it is performed.

Therapeutic massage is performed as follows:

Therapeutic massage – only with a specialist such as Sungate Estetic & SPA

Therapeutic massage is a massage combining stretching elements which, thanks to skillful application of appropriate techniques, quickly and effectively removes pain, improves joint mobility, eliminates scars and releases trigger points.

There are more and more Ladies and Gentlemen, not only with spine problems due to sedentary lifestyle. For therapeutic massage to bring expected effects, it should be performed only by qualified specialists working with such techniques as you will find in our Salon in Warsaw.

Sports massage – a special type of body aid

Sports massage is another much needed help to our body. It is performed with far greater strength and energy than curative massage, but it is an indispensable part of long-term sports training or post-traumatic rehabilitation. Regardless of whether you exercise professionally or leisurely – for example by spending active skiing or skiing, the task of a sports massage is to:

Properly selected home care programs will allow you to maintain longer results of professional SPA treatments.

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