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Face care

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Face care is first and foremost, apart from daily hygienic procedures, well-suited face treatment. It should be tailored not only to age, genus or skin phototype, but also to the living conditions of the person and the current climate.

A well-suited face treatment should improve the appearance of the skin and our well-being and, if necessary, level the skin problems such as excessive drying or oily skin, as the hydrolipid imbalance is usually the first cause of any skin problems.

3 most important elements in face care

Facial care needs more attention and care than other parts of the body because it is the most important human showcase, often proving success in many areas of private and professional life.

Specialists underline that the complex care of the face, regardless of age and sex, are 3 elements, namely:

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Proper facial cleansing allows the skin to breathe, gives the body the ability to maintain hydrolipidic balance, but primarily prevents any infections that may appear on both the Lady’s and the man’s face.

Optimized for specific skin types and seasons, moisturizing the face allows for longer preservation of the appearance and slow down of aging processes, as well as to reduce the visible wrinkles to a minimum.

Regular facial skin care tailored to her age and individual needs, provides a healthy appearance, resistance to infections, and significantly delays the onset of signs of aging, and also eliminates the negative effects of external factors such as UV rays and daily stress.

Face care from the Warsaw Sungate Estetic & SPA

pielęgnacja twarzyIn our Salon we have a very wide range of facial treatments that can correct many problems of different types of skin, including allergic and sensitive skin. Our latest-generation solutions allow for quick revitalization and detoxification, as well as optimizing the facial moisturisation of both men and women in different age groups, bringing back its radiance and smile. With carefully selected therapists and experienced professionals, Sungate Estetic & SPA is able to help maintain and restore the natural beauty of any face, if needed by supporting nature with a full range of aesthetic medicine treatments. We work on iSClinical cosmetics, Pevonia Botanica, Klapp Cosmetics, Invex Remedies and Dottore.



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