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Care offer

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Face care


Face care is a very important element of health care, appearance and image regardless of age. Hence, in our Salon we offer a number of face treatments, ranging from cleansing it through comprehensive moisturizing, hydration to nourishing. We guarantee that our specialists will match the perfect treatment for every face.

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Body care

Relaxation and rest at the best will provide you and our ladies well-chosen by our experts, body treatment. Professional body scrub will cleanse them and later, with special rituals and spa – masks, clay or mud from the Dead Sea, nourish and stimulate self-regeneration, making them smooth and illuminated for a long time.

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Hand and feet care

Hand and foot care is a true royal feast in Warsaw’s Sungate Estetic & SPA, not only for nails weak or damaged. For ladies and gentlemen who value elegance and convenience, we recommend manicure and pedicure (shellac), French and traditional, using professional cosmetics to Peegy Sage.

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Massages from our offer are the perfect way to spend your free time and relax. We offer them in the view – massage therapy, relaxation and oriental massage and classic massage, lifting or slimming, including reflexology. Our specialists are happy to receive treatments that are ideal for the needs of both ladies and gentlemen.

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Additional treatments


As part of the supplementary services at Sungate Estetic & SPA, professional waxing of eyebrows, mustache, facial features, as well as back, chest, arms and legs is also awaited. Our specialists can also offer permanent waxing of the bikini area in 3 variants: Brazilian bikini, deep bikini and classic, depending on current trends and tastes.

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Treatments for women

Zabiegi dla pań

Ladies treatments included in the current offer of our exclusive Salon are perfectly suited to the needs of delicate female body treatment, beauty and rejuvenation treatments, including the use of the latest achievements of non-surgical aesthetic medicine, supporting the fight against signs of aging and the process of weight loss.

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Treatments for men

abiegi dla panów

Treatments for men from the rich offer of Warsaw Sungate Estetic & SPA is a real treat for the conscious of their body, taking care of the appearance of men, regardless of age. Among the treatments specifically dedicated to the Lord, there are proposals for both body care as well as modern aesthetic medicine, or just specially tailored male Spa.

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Treatments for couples

Zabiegi dla par

Par Treatments in our specially prepared Cabinet is a great way to spend free time together, which will not only result in deepening your relationship, but also your well-being and creativity, thanks to which, regardless of age, even a gray everyday life will be unique.

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Gift cards


Gift vouchers / vouchers Sungate Estetic & SPA Warsaw is an exclusive gift for anyone who values beauty. This is an original idea for a birthday present, both for Lady and Lady or Couple. Romantic evening in our unique spa as a card is also a great idea to spend Valentine’s Day or wedding anniversary.

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Offer for companies

oferta dla firm

Our proposal for companies and institutions is a great idea for personal integration and true relaxation at the best of all, which will be of benefit to every employee. Properly selected treatments of the best day spa Warsaw 2014 not only merge the crew, but also contribute to raising the level of creativity of its individual members.

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Sungate Estetic & SPA – is a place where we offer you a comprehensive service, tailored to your individual needs and preferences for facial and body treatments. Here, accompanied by soft music, surrounded by pleasant aromas of oriental fragrances and warm candlelight, you can escape from daily troubles in a comfortable atmosphere.

Sungate Estetic & SPA will allow you to focus solely on yourself, relax mentally and physically, gain vital strength, and even get rid of unnecessary pounds.

Our offer is a combination of relaxation, rest and body and soul care. By visiting us you can be sure that we will take care of you like no one before. Thanks to the professional hands of our specialists you will feel special and beautiful! We know that appearance is a guarantee of successful success, so we care about all our customers.

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