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Treatments for Women

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Treatments for women – relaxing beauty

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Treatments for women of a beautifying nature know the culture of all times in almost every corner of the world. As far as they used to be associated with painful hours of painful practice, today, the Salon offers treatments for women to reverse their roles in response to the needs of our specific times, where women are often banned from their roles.

Treatments for women today to be effective should be designed so as to provide a relaxing and protective natural beauty by the way, keeping in mind that a woman should always look dazzling.

How to stop natural beauty? – our treatments specially dedicated to the Lady

Today, women are much more active compared to other epochs. Often even their activities are outrageous to the men, hence the treatments dedicated to Sungate Estetic & SPA are tailored to be the most relaxing to be an effective form of body and mind regeneration after an exhausting day of work and home duties.

Treatments for women in our Salon, they definitely allow for longer natural beauty, depending on needs nourishing, nourishing and regenerating the skin of the body and face. Thanks to that, often during a one-session session, we achieve effective cleansing, moisturizing, oxygenation, detoxication, as well as effective reduction of wrinkles and protection against premature aging.

Women’s treatments at Sungate Estetic & SPA

Women’s treatments at the Sungate Estetic & SPA in Warsaw, dedicated to women of all ages, will effectively rejuvenate the body and relax in loneliness, enjoying beautiful scents and soothing music, as well as in special packages for “Friends”, where you can spend a wonderful time with your friend, Or daughter.

We propose to you author’s beauty treatments and rejuvenating, especially recommending our spa, called the best spa 2014. Detailed specifications of the currently available in the treatment for women is in the price list.

To get even better results, you should also familiarize yourself with our extensive care offering, where you will find, among others, a variety of massages and familiarize yourself with our wide range of modern aesthetic medicine proposals, which effectively stops time for many days

Our proposals for ladies are:

The compositions of the sessions are designed specifically for women. Through the ideal care, nutrition and skin regeneration get her cleansing, hydration, oxygenation, detoxification and to reduce wrinkles and protect against the formation.

Treatment deeply exfoliating body with aromatherapy massage (peeling + massage) * 180.00 PLN
(60 min)
COFFEE Variations- remove cellulite, detox (peeling + serum + massage)/td> * 230.00 PLN
(90 min)
The ritual care of the GUARANA – stimulates and
nourishes (peeling + massage) *
230.00 PLN
(90 min)
EUFORIA CHOCOLATE (peeling + mask + massage) * 230.00 PLN
(90 min)
Women’s Rumours
Day Spa for Her 350.00 PLN
(90 min)
Terafia of Green Coffees 450.00 PLN
(120 min)

* Price when booking a minimum of two people
* All packages are in promotional prices.

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