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Treatments for Men

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These treatments are designed specifically for men. Perfect care , nourish and regenerate the skin. Their mission is: cleansing, hydration, oxygenation, detoxification and wrinkle reduction and protection against the formation.

Our proposals for men:

Youthful energy 280.00 PLN
(60 min)
Forget about stress and allow yourself a moment of forgetfulness. 250.00 PLN
(90 min)
Day Spa for Men 500.00 PLN
(180 min)


Treatments for men – relaxing with strength

zabiegi dla panów

Men’s treatments offered by modern beauty salons such as ours, despite our appearances, are increasingly popular among men, in different age groups, regardless of their position or social status.
Once proper aristocracy and rulers, made in hiding and criticized, today turn out to be a normal, good way to regenerate and regain vitality after a busy working time and a variety of responsibilities.

It is a pleasure that gentlemen aware of the needs of their body, they are seeking rest in cosmetic salons, which are more and more open to their equally important as women’s individualized requirements and desires. As a result of greater awareness and current lifestyle, caring for the body helps to live better and healthier.

Men’s treatments at Sungate Estetic & SPA

Men’s treatments at Sungate Estetic & SPA are prepared with all due care and attention to every detail, so that the men who enjoy them get the most out of it – they are free to relax and rest, and by the way they comprehensively and consciously take care of their body and face. Typically male cosmetics and fragrances.

Men’s treatments from our offer will allow to revitalize the skin, moisturize it and proper cleansing, which will surely translate into better mood, more creativity and enhanced self-esteem every day. It will also give you the strength to face new challenges and stresses that today are often inevitable.

How to take care of yourself? – our treatments specially dedicated men

The range of authoritative treatments offered by Mr. Sungate Estetic & SPA includes both spa and revitalizing sessions using specially dedicated men’s fragrance lines and men’s skincare products that are different from those offered by men, for example due to other pH.

In addition to the usual relaxing treatments, or a full range of aesthetic medicine to effectively combat scarring or aging and effectively support slimming.

We especially recommend the best spa treatments in Warsaw at Sungate Estetic & SPA.

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