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Body care

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Body care based on well-being

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Today, there is probably no person who does not know that proper body care not only allows you to retain youthful appearance, but also improve your well-being. It in turn in everyday life affects efficiency, creativity and many other important factors, including self-esteem.

Properly selected body and face treatments ensure optimal detoxification, cleansing, hydration, moisturizing the skin, which is properly nourished, will quickly regain its natural glow. They also allow for a relaxed, relaxed atmosphere of the Cosmetic Salon, to regain their balance and to experience feelings of complete relaxation or forgetfulness of stress, stress and trouble, and then, after acquiring new vitality, with inner joy to return to their daily duties.

Body care is aided by wise slimming


It is known that the body can be cherished in many ways. One of the basic forms of care is to take care of its proper mass and to make it proportionate to growth. If our weight is not high enough, it is a good idea to start to lose weight wisely – by correcting your diet, but also by increasing the level of physical activity as much as possible.

Well-chosen body treatments can effectively help such weight loss, making weight loss even, harmonious and will not leave even excessively stretched skin.

It is also important to support natural diets, such as extract of artichokes, or use L-carnitine, called “fat burner”, to facilitate the natural removal of toxins from the body and to speed up the process of getting rid of unnecessary pounds. You can also reach for the achievements of the latest aesthetic medicine and if there are no contraindications, properly selected sessions quickly carve selected parts of the body.

Skin care with Sungate Estetic & SPA in Warsaw

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At Sungate Estetic & SPA we know that the body is the greatest treasure that must be properly nurtured, and then it will give us health, beauty and wellbeing even in difficult stress situations or weakness or illness.

Body treatments proposed by our Salon in Warsaw are authoritative sets of rituals and therapies with proven efficacy and salutary influence on the body and soul, both ladies and gentlemen. Their specificity, combined with our unique climate and professionalism, makes our customers happy to come back often, either by recommending us to your loved ones or by giving them a unique gift in the form of a Sunagte Beauty & Spa Gift Card.

Properly selected home care programs will allow you to maintain longer results of professional SPA treatments.

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