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Plate rich plasma

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Plate rich plasma – what is the procedure?

Platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP) is a procedure using a peripheral blood sample preparation of up to 4 times the platelet count that stimulates the processes of tissue rejuvenation and regeneration.

Three stages of platelet-rich plasma treatment

The procedure is as follows:

  • Get the doctor from 9 to 60 ml of peripheral blood of the patient for vacuum tubes.
  • Plasma rich plate preparation by spinning process.
  • Platelet platelets containing platelets taken into the syringe are then administered by the method chosen – through mesotherapy, either linearly or by cannula, after application of topical anesthesia.

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The most popular platelet-rich plasma regimens

Platelet rich plasma treatment, like other revitalizing treatments, should be performed in series for better results.

Plate rich plasma – what gives the procedure?

Plate-plate plasma delivery directly into the place of wrinkles is biostimulation and activates the process of stimulating stem cells to multiply and activates fibroblasts to produce collagen. As a result, it leads to the regeneration and renewal of skin cells, its hydration and visible rejuvenation.

All elements derived from the blood used for platelet-rich plasma are autologous – they are the patient’s own material, so the risk of a negative local immune response, intolerance, or allergy is excluded in this case.

Lifting treatment with rich platelet plasma allows:

The first effects of peripheral blood platelets are visible after about 2 weeks. The process of tissue reconstruction and their visible rejuvenation begins 48 hours after administration.

Treatment – Who is recommended and recommended?

Lifting plate-rich plasma is a treatment for people who want to:

Platelet rich plasma – who should not benefit from the treatment?

The contraindications for doing this kind of surgery are:

Lifting Plasma Rich Plate – What then?

The treatment is safe and does not require special treatment. Immediately after the injection of selected platelet rich plasma body parts, you can return to your daily routine. Slight traces of puncture, which can easily cover up the makeup, disappear the next day.

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