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Lifting stands

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Stands lifting – what do they serve?

Lifting stands are one of the best and least invasive ways to permanently rejuvenate and nourish the face, neck, neckline, bust, buttocks, abdomen and legs. Because of their unique composition and shape, they naturally stimulate the production of collagen, fibroblasts, and angiogenesis, gradually disappearing naturally over time. Threads used for lifting for years have been used as internal and external surgical sutures for subcutaneous and dermal sutures and for internal organs by physicians of various specialties. The treatment of their use is recommended to people after 30 years of age, both facial lifting and modeling other selected body parts. It is an excellent alternative to traditional surgical facelift because the risk of complications and side effects is negligible.

Advantages of stand for lifting

The benefits of lifting stands are:

Contraindications for the use of lifting stands

Stand lifts can not be used in the event of:

Lifting thread – what then?

After treatment with lifting threads, the skin will be bright, firm, without wrinkles and wrinkles. In addition, the season is closing. Lifting threads disappear within 6 to 8 months, but their beneficial effect can be seen after 3-4 weeks, after treatment, and the full effect appears after 3-4 months. Recommendations and possible transient side effects depend on the use of thread type.

Lifting thread – PDO First Lift, Barb and Silhouette – Soft®

Soluble threads created on the basis of surgical thread, thanks to unique compositions stimulate in the tissues especially the production of collagen, responsible for the processes of skin rejuvenation. They can be used for face, neck, neckline, breast, buttocks, and legs and abdomen. They are inserted under the skin with a very thin needle through 1-2 punctures. ADVANTAGES AND ADVERSE EFFECTS THROUGH USING PDO Thread First Lift After treatment there are no special precautions and precautions. At places of injection may appear a slight redness and bruising, disappearing after an hour. Initially the thread may be slightly perceptible under the skin.

Polydoxin-based thread with two-way convergence hooks acting as a tissue support scaffold is inserted subcutaneously with an ultra-thin needle – through 1-2 punctures. These threads are used for the non-surgical facelift of facial and body parts, especially with stretch marks and scars. Their use may be a good supplement to other aesthetic medicine treatments.

Made of polylactic acid and glycolic acid, bi-directional threads with anchor cones are completely biodegradable. They serve to improve the appearance of the cheeks, the jaw line, the yoke area of the face and eyebrows. They are inserted under the skin with a needle with a maximum of several punctures.Recommendations after treatment Barb and Silhouette – Soft:

Possible side effects that persist a few days after the procedure with the above mentioned strands:

Treatments are made using brand preparations:  Croma, Stylage, Vivacy, Restylane, Emarvel, Elanse.