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Flebologist – what is the deal?

Phlebology is a modern way of treating varicose veins and other blood vessels of the lower limbs without having to perform surgery. Enables effective closure of virtually every dish. The procedure lasts several minutes (depending on the number of vesicles), is performed by micro-gums, virtually painless – no anesthetic.

How is the procedure of phlebology?

Phlebology treatment consists of injection into expanded vessels of a special preparation that causes them to close – “vein gluing” (a process lasting 3-4 weeks) and then disappearing (depending on the diameter of the vessel from several weeks to several months). Hence the expected lasting effect of deferred in time. It does not leave incisions and scars, is very well tolerated. At the site of the larger vessel, the cord may be felt (hard, sometimes painful to the touch), which disappears – absorbed 1 to 12 months after the procedure. For greater certainty and precision of the effect before phlebology, we recommend the use of Doppler ultrasound to exclude deeper venous insufficiency and the location of so-called leaks.

Contraindications for the use of phlebology

Possible side effects of phlebology

Phlebologic treatments can cause very rare common transient side effects, including:

Treatments in the field of phlebology – what then?

After treatment, you can return to normal activity with little exceptions:

A special recommendation is at least a 30 minute walk directly to the phlebologiioraz, which significantly enhances the effect of the operation of the tights, Compressive treatment should last:

Single treatment results in 50% of the treated area. It can be repeated within 2-4 weeks. Good effect is usually achieved after 2-3 sessions.

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