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Face lifting

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Facelift – This is a procedure for rejuvenation and proper hydration of the face, improving its features in areas where the skin loses its elasticity and firmness with age. Under this concept there are 2 types of facial rejuvenation treatments, namely:

Facelift in our Salon in Warsaw

In our Salon in Warsaw, we perform facial lifting with the use of fillers, most often from the filler, which, in addition to optimal natural effects of filling the subcutaneous tissue, causes optimal hydration of the face, regenerates adjacent tissues, stimulates the body to produce natural collagen necessary to obtain adequate skin cell and Her young appearance.

Face lifting – stages

Non-surgical facelift is a procedure that consists of two basic steps:

To properly perform facial lifting with filler will be 1-2 shots, which can be easily masked with daily make-up.

Main contraindications of facial lifting

Although this is a very safe procedure, medical obstacles to performing a non-surgical facelift are:

Treatment of non-operative facelift – who recommends?

Facelift achieved by implantation of filler or other filler, recommended to those who want to get the effect:

Facelift – what’s next?

Due to the high density of the filler used and the natural aging process, the effects of non-surgical face lifts persist for 12 to 24 months. After this time to maintain the effect and optimal hydration of the face, it is worthwhile to repeat the procedure, complementing the absorbed tissue filler.

The positive effect of face lifting is visible immediately after it is performed. A small proportion of patients may experience minor diarrhea and bruising at the cannula insertion points, but disappear spontaneously after only a few days. Full facial lifting effect in the form of improving the appearance and quality of the facial skin, hydration and tension is achieved within a few days to a month of its performance.

Importantly, after face facial filler with natural remedy, you can immediately return to your daily routine, without the risk that the effect will not be as good as expected.

Facial retouching can be done at any time, depending on needs and expectations, while maintaining a lifelong facelift effect, even for many years.

Treatments are made using brand preparations  Croma, Stylage, Vivacy, Restylane, Emarvel, Elanse.

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