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Skin whitening – modern depigmentation therapy

Depigmentation therapy is a modern skin whitening treatment using the latest generation of preparations. It is based on the use of substances that inhibit the secretion of thyroxine – the enzyme responsible for the production of melanin.

Cosmelan / Dermamelan Therapy Steps

Depigmentation therapy for effective skin whitening is always two-step.

It is important to remember that depigmentation therapy must not be interrupted as the effect can be reversed. Applying the cream in the second stage of the treatment not only protects and nourishes the skin after the treatment, but also effectively maintains the effect of therapy by inhibiting hyperpigmentation. During treatment, any other bleaching and exfoliating agent should not be used as it will be ineffective. It is recommended to visit the 8, 15 and 30 days of skin whitening treatment by the Cosmelan / Dermalen method.

Advantages of Depigmentation Therapy Cosmelan / Dermalen

The benefits of skin whitening such a method is many. The most important of these are:


Who can not benefit from whitening treatments?

Cosmelan / Dermalen skin whitening has some relative contraindications. They are:


Skin whitening – what then?

Skin whitening is a treatment that can cause transient side effects in the form of severe redness especially for sensitive skin and 3 days after the treatment also for normal skin. This treatment can also cause burning sensation and skin tension that fades with time. It is recommended to use creams with high UV filters in the morning and before going out. It is estimated that the effectiveness of therapy in 99% of patients is a 95% reduction of hyperpigmentation. The first effects of skin whitening are visible after 7 days from the beginning of treatment. This time, however, can vary depending on skin color:


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